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Sri Sangeetha Motors all Car Services (Bangalore's largest Multi-Brand Car Service Centre)

Range Of Services

Road assistance services 24x7

24x7 emergency support provided in the event of any mechanical or electrical breakdown and or traffic accident of vehicle

Extended warrenty services

'Extended Warranty' offers a 'peace of mind' cover to its valuable customers.The cover protects you against the cost of repair..

Wheel Alignment and Balancing Services

The wheels of your car need regular attention and care.Wheels get damaged due to bad roads and pot holes leading to misalignment.

Accessories services

Every car owner desires to make their car appear class apart so that the car can get some envious looks.

Running repair and Breakdowns

Offers to complete the demanded repairs with quality service with cost effective 24/7.

Body Repairs and services

Our end to end denting and painting solutions include car scratch repair, car paint repair, car bumper repair and more.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to do their job well.




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